Sustainable Development League Dubai 2024

The Sustainable Development League Dubai  is a four-day event designed to unite young leaders from diverse backgrounds, with a focus on addressing global issues such as Climate Change Action, Refugee Crises, & Forced Migration, alongside themes like Educational Tourism, Women’s Empowerment, & the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Serving as an exemplary platform, this league aims to bring together individuals with diverse mindsets under one roof, fostering collaboration & teamwork.

Attendees will benefit from engaging in Educational Tourism, Cultural Exchange, Team-Building, exposure to Public Policy, development of Leadership Skills, appreciation of Cultural Diversity, & participation in community projects. Participants will gain valuable insights, connect with experts, & have the opportunity to prioritise their involvement in the UK head office fellowship program. The exchange of innovative ideas is encouraged, contributing to critical thinking about global social challenges.


Dubai, UAE


26 - 29 January, 2024

The Application portal for the Sustainable Development League Dubai 2024​ is now closed. We extend our best wishes to all the applicants.

Immediate Advantages

Advantages of Participating in the Sustainable Development League 2024

  • Fully Funded, Partially Funded & Self-Funded Scholarships

    i. Comprehensive financial support options available
    ii. Opportunities for full, partial, and self-funded participation (Designated Seats)
  • Community Support Initiatives

    i. Investment in your community’s SDGs-focused projects
    ii. Aid for funding your efforts in community development & SDGs.
  • Airfare & Accommodation

    i.Travel & accommodation expenses covered (Designated Seats)
    ii. All-inclusive airfare and lodging arrangements
    (In specific category of scholarships)
  • Travel Assistance

    i. Assistance provided for air-ticketing (in fully funded scholarship)
    ii.Assistance provided in travel logistics
  • International Forum

    i.. Act as an ambassador for your nation in international circles
    ii. An opportunity to lead and advocate for sustainability principles
  • Entrepreneurial Connections

    i. Networking opportunities with fellow passionate social entrepreneurs
    ii. Interact with peers who share your enthusiasm for social
  • SDG Influence

    i. Influence on the connection and progress of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
    ii. Contributing to the advancement and alignment of the UN SDGs
  • International Alliances

    i. Extraordinary privilege to network with international leaders
    ii.Connect & engage with influential personalities on a global scale
  • Achievements Communication

    i. Platform to showcase & communicate your social impacts
    ii. Opportunity to present & share the positive outcomes of your social initiatives
  • International Engagement

    i. Exposure to diplomatic experiences and interactions
    ii. Engaging with diplomatic contexts and personalities
  • Keynote Speeches

    i. Inspirational speeches by prominent speakers
    ii. Engaging and thought-provoking presentations by keynote speakers
  • Focused Group Discussions

    i. In-depth and targeted group discussions
    ii. Opportunities for focused and meaningful conversations in group settings
  • Fellow Opportunity in the UK

    i. An incredible opportunity to join the prestigious UK head office of EduTourism for Unity
  • Awards & Certifications

    i. Recognition through awards and certifications
    ii. Acknowledgment of achievements through prestigious certificate
  • Cultural Presentation

    i. Showcasing and experiencing diverse cultural expressions Engaging in cultural presentations and experiences
  • Discover the beautiful & historical Istanbul

    i.Embark on a golden opportunity to experience the rich culture & history of Istanbul
    ii. Delve into tourism & sightseeing activities in the wonderful Istanbul
    iii.Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise Dinner during evening
  • Celebrations

    i. Festive and celebratory atmosphere
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Sustainable Development League - Agenda

YLC-Events (6)
Arrival & Orientation

Morning to Afternoon: Delegates arrive at the venue hotel, registration, event merchandise distribution, & room assignments.
Afternoon to Evening: Ice-breaking activities for delegates introductions, Keynote speeches by the executive, keynote speeches on the importance of UN SDGs, Panel Disscussions, Team-building activities, Group Photos, Dinner.

Day 1
YLC-Events (12)
Cultural Parade, Workshops & Discussions

Morning to Afternoon: Workshop on leadership: Understanding sustainable development goals, its global impact, and the role of youth in addressing it, Cultural Parade, Group discussions on sustainability projects & solutions, Lunch break.

Afternoon to Evening: Workshop on Public Policy: Introduction to public policy, its significance in achieving SDGs, & a simulated policy-making activity, Group discussions on policy proposals, Leadership development workshop: Building leadership skills and qualities, Panel discussion, Certification Ceremony, Group Photos.

Day 2
YLC-Events (4)
Educational Tourism

Dubai Tour, Celebration Party

Day 3
YLC-Events (5)
Day 4: Farewell Breakfast & Check-out

Morning: Farewell breakfast with event conclusion & best wishes.

Day 4

Embrace The opportunity

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Frequently Asked Questions

EduTourism, a UK-based organisation, relies on the generosity of our donors to sustain our operations. To ensure efficient event organisation and management, we have a nominal fee of just £17.75

 The registration process for the Sustainable Development League is exclusively conducted through our website. Simply provide your contact details, respond thoughtfully to the scholarship section questions, agree to the terms & conditions, & proceed with the payment of the application fee. 

We provide designated seats in fully funded, partially funded, and self-funded scholarship categories, with selections made by an official panel of the selection committee.

We provide full travel & logistics assistance to our selected delegates. However,if a delegate is unable to attend the event, we offer an e-voucher as part of our Refund Policy, but this option is available only for self-funded delegates. The e-voucher can be utilised for the next upcoming event. Please be aware that delegates in the Fully & Partially funded categories are not eligible for the refund policy.

The application submission deadline is set for December 25, 2023, at 23:59 in the UK Time Zone.

  1. Fully funded participants will receive a comprehensive package that includes airfare support, accommodation, certificate, meals as per the agenda, fellowship opportunity in the UK head office, event merchandise, cultural evening ceremony, celebration party, & Dubai tour.

  2. Partially funded participants will receive accommodation, certificate, award, meals as per the agenda, fellowship opportunity in the UK head office, event merchandise, cultural evening ceremony, celebration party, & Dubai tour.

  3. Self-funded participants can purchase our delegate package for  £365 & will receive equal privileges, including accommodation, certificate, meals as per the agenda, fellowship opportunity in the UK head office, event merchandise, cultural evening ceremony, celebration party, & Dubai tour.

    For further details, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp at +44 7928 575387.

The announcement regarding the outcome of the applications will be made on December 28, 2023.

Sustainable Development League empowers all the young leaders. As a delegate, you'll become global ambassadors, advocating for Sustainable Development Goals & forming international alliances. Contribute to community development & SDGs, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, & make a real impact. With covered airfare & lodging in select scholarships, you'll work towards UN Sustainable Development Goals. Showcase your social impact, engage in diplomacy, & receive appreciation and support. Experience inspirational speeches, diverse cultures, & meaningful discussions. Explore Dubai, plus unlock an exciting fellowship opportunity in the UK head office. Celebrate unity, achievement, & global potential with us!

Individuals from diverse backgrounds, including students, professionals, social workers, health care practitioners, volunteers, & aspiring young leaders, are encouraged to submit their applications.

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