Young Leaders Union Malaysia 2024

We’re thrilled to announce the four-day Young Leaders Union in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, extending a warm invitation to young leaders worldwide. Join us on this exciting leadership journey! Just as we’ve united young leaders in Turkey (twice), Maldives, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia, let’s now journey to Malaysia to continue our mission of global impact. Together, we’ll collaborate and contribute to creating a brighter future for our world, dedicated to advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, fostering leadership skills, promoting unity and peace, facilitating cultural exchange, and embracing educational tourism.

Moreover, in alignment with our commitment to educational and sustainable tourism, participants will have the opportunity to explore the amazing city of Kuala Lumpur with fellow young leaders from around the world. Not only that, but participants will also have the chance to work at our UK headoffice in the near future and represent their nation and project at the United Nations Geneva office.

Join us as we embark on this transformative journey, where every voice, every perspective, and every contribution matters. Together, let's inspire positive change and leave a lasting impact on our global community!

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


23rd - 26th August, 2024

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Immediate Advantages

Advantages of participating in the Young Leaders Union Malaysia

  • Fully Funded, Partially Funded & Self-Funded Scholarships

    Benefit from designated seats in fully, partially, & self-funded scholarships, offering comprehensive support for airfare, accommodation, & financial needs.
  • Skill Development

    Engage in workshops, seminars, & interactive sessions focused on leadership, unity, peace, cultural exchange & other relevant topics, enhancing your skills & knowledge.
  • Personal Growth

    Explore your strengths, values, & areas for growth through self-reflection & experiential learning activities, fostering personal development & confidence.
  • Inspiration

    Hear from accomplished leaders & changemakers who will share their experiences, insights, & advice, inspiring you to pursue your goals with passion and purpose.
  • Networking

    Connect with a diverse group of young leaders, experts, & professionals from various fields & backgrounds, expanding your network & fostering potential collaborations.
  • Visibility

    Showcase your leadership potential, ideas, & initiatives on an international platform, increasing your visibility & recognition as an emerging leader in your field.
  • Opportunities

    Discover new opportunities for internships, scholarships, fellowships, & other programs that can further your personal & professional development.
  • Global Perspective

    Gain insights into global issues, challenges, & opportunities, broadening your understanding of different cultures, perspectives, & approaches to leadership & diplomacy.
  • Cultural Exchange

    Immerse yourself in cultural exchanges, festivities, & activities that celebrate diversity & promote mutual understanding among participants from around the world.
  • Impact

    Contribute to meaningful discussions, initiatives, & projects aimed at addressing pressing global challenges & making a positive impact on society, leaving a lasting legacy of your participation in the convention.
  • Post-Event Support

    Receive ongoing support, resources, and networking opportunities even after the conference ends, ensuring that the impact of your participation extends beyond the event itself.
  • Certification Recognition

    Earn a valuable certification for participating in the conference, bolstering your professional credentials & showcasing your commitment to leadership development.
  • Professional Growth

    Participants will have the opportunity to work at our UK headoffice & represent their nation and project at the United Nations Geneva Office. It’s a chance to elevate your career and make a global impact.
  • Explore Malaysia

    A chance to explore Malaysia’s vibrant heritage & diverse traditions, infusing your conference experience with the essence of this culturally rich nation.
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Young Leaders Union Malaysia 2024 Agenda

YLC-24-Day1 (4)
Arrival and Welcome
Afternoon to Evening:
  • Afternoon: Arrival & Registration
  • Welcome Reception: Introductions, Icebreakers, & Networking Activities
  • Evening: Dinner
Day 1
Youth Leadership
Morning to Evening
  • Morning: Opening Ceremony with Dignitaries & Guest Speakers
  • Keynote Speeches & project Presentations
  • Afternoon: Networking Lunch, Panel Discussions & Interactive Workshops:
Day 2
YLC-24-Day3 (4)
City Tour
Afternoon to Evening
  • City tour to explore Kuala Lumpur
Day 3
Farewell Breakfast
Departure Day
  • Morning: Farewell Breakfast and Networking
  • Departures throughout the day


Day 4

Embrace The opportunity

Event in the Organisational Phase:

Leadership Diplomacy Convention Saudi Arabia 2024

Scheduled for July 10th - 13th, 2024, in Jeddah, KSA

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Answers to Common Questions (FAQs)

EduTourism for unity is a UK-based organisation, relies on the generosity of our donors to sustain our operations. To ensure efficient event organisation and management, we have a nominal fee of just £17.75

The registration process for the Young Leaders Union Malaysia is exclusively conducted through our official website. Simply provide your contact details, respond thoughtfully to the scholarship section questions, agree to the terms & conditions, & proceed with the payment of the application fee. 

We offer designated seats in fully funded, partially funded, & self-funded scholarship categories, with selections made by an official panel of the selection committee.

Individuals from diverse backgrounds, including students, professionals, social workers, health care practitioners, volunteers, & aspiring young leaders, are encouraged to submit their applications.

Individuals aged 16 to 45 are eligible to participate.


Yes, we will assist our delegates in planning their trip, and we will do our best to ensure you have a safe and smooth journey.

Need help, contact us. If you have any queries please contact us at or reach us at WhatsApp +44 7928 575387

We recommend all participants secure a visit visa, as it is easier to obtain and avoids the complexity and time-consuming process of applying for a special category visa

The application submission deadline is set for 15th of July, 2024, at 23:59 in the UK Time Zone.

  1. For fully funded participants, we offer a comprehensive package covering airfare, accommodation, certificates, participation awards, meals according to the agenda, a fellowship or work opportunity at our UK head office, Presentation at the UN Office Switzerland, event merchandise, access to cultural showcases, attendance at the celebration party, and the chance to explore Malaysia.
  2. Partially funded participants will enjoy accommodation, certificates, participation awards, meals as per the agenda, a fellowship or work opportunity at our UK head office, Presentation at the UN Office Switzerland, event merchandise, access to cultural showcases, attendance at the celebration party, and the chance to explore Malaysia.
  3. Self-funded participants have the option to purchase our delegate package for £395, providing equal privileges such as accommodation, certificates, participation awards, meals as per the agenda, a fellowship or work opportunity at our UK head office, Presentation at the UN Office Switzerland, event merchandise, access to cultural showcases, attendance at the celebration party, and the chance to explore Malaysia.

The announcement regarding the outcome of the applications will be made between 21st - 22nd July 2024.

The Young Leaders Union Malaysia is a distinguished four-day event designed to cultivate global leadership and cooperation. It offers emerging leaders from around the world a chance to overcome cultural and national boundaries and work together on improving global welfare, with a particular emphasis on achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Participants will engage in a variety of activities, including policy development, panel discussions, and project presentations, in a multicultural and professional setting. The convention not only aims to foster learning and sharing among attendees but also provides funding opportunities for community projects and a chance to join a prestigious Youth Fellowship or work in the UK & presentation at United Nations Switzerland. This transformative experience aims to empower young leaders, fuel their passion, and provide them with essential skills and connections to make a significant difference globally. 

The application fee can only be paid using a debit/credit card. If you do not have a debit/credit card, you can also use a card belonging to a friend or family member to submit your application. We have set up a Stripe payment gateway, which is widely regarded as the safest & most secure option for payment transactions.

  • Fully funded scholarships
  • Certification as a Leader
  • Shared accommodation in a 5-star hotel
  • Opportunity to explore Malaysia with the global leaders
  • Four days of leadership training
  • Networking with like-minded individuals from diverse countries
  • Platform to share your social impact initiatives
  • Peace education and leadership capacity-building sessions
  • Workshops on leadership and managerial skills
  • Engaging group activities
  • Awards and certifications
  • Cultural presentations
  • Personal Growth
  • Professional Growth
  • Opportunity to work with our organsation in the UK

It is highly recommended that all applicants hold a valid passport in order to travel. But, you can apply by attaching your National ID in the passport section and secure your passport before the event date.

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